Friday, January 30, 2015

I want a Bear

loud ringtone of my phone disturbed my sleep but was happy to see the name displayed on the incoming call. “I love You” said my dear Druksel over the phone. The words as sweet as the voice of the speaker himself made my heart beat the rhythm of a joy. “Love you too dear” was my immediate reply with an intensity filled with love and affection. “What are you doing… asked my darling. “Ummm…since its Sunday, I am still in my bed dear”, said I. “ok ….when are you going to get up and go for shopping”, he asked. “After lunch dear” I said confused why he would ask about my shopping.

“What you up to?” I asked him. Just back from Sonam’s place came back the reply. “Oh ok ….What have you been doing at your friend’s place this early” I asked without realizing that it was already past 11:00 am. “We were playing” said he. With the phone in a loud speaker mode, I woke up still hearing to what he has to say. He went on explaining about the game that they played and how he won over his friend. I congratulated on his victory and said I am proud of you. “Well dear, I need to wash up now, will catch u later” I said. Ok he said. I was about to end the call when suddenly I heard him speak something loudly. Unclear about what he said, I asked him to repeat the last sentence.

After few second’s pause, he said “I want a bear”. Still not believing my ears I asked again and I found my ears heard it right, he wants a bear. Wait a minute; he wants what…a BEAR…I said to myself. Then I said “Dear I know I stay at a place surrounded by jungle but there is no zoo out here and more over I am so scared of that beast, I cannot bring you a bear”. “I want a bear… I want a bear…Sonam has a bear….his daddy brought him…I want a bear….he has a brown bear…very big …I want a brown bear….” were innocent cries from my little Nephew. I scratch my head trying to grab a meaning of what he was saying. Sonam has a big brown bear so Druksel wants a bear…a big brown bear….oh a “TEDDY BEAR” I said and laughed out at my stupidity. “No Aunty, I want a BIG BROWN BEAR” said my sweet heart.

“Ok ok dear, Aunty will come with a BIG BROWN BEAR for you tubga. If you want a bear you have to be a good boy and listen to your mommy ok” I said. “Ok aunty I will be a good boy, I will listen to mommy and eat properly. I won’t make my clothes dirty. I won’t go and play in water. I will be good. When are you coming here?” said Druksel all excited. “I will ask your mom whether you are behaving well or not ok. I will be there next week” I said. “ok aunty.. it is time for you to go for shopping right…byee ” he said. “Ok byee dear be a good boy” I said and ended a call.

He wanted a bear so he was curious about my shopping thing, I said to myself clearing my confusion from earlier.


  1. There is a very big reason behind for Druksel's "I Love You" and its obvious for all of us to say sweet to somebody if we wanna get profit from somebody. I also do so lol ;) Interesting conversation and I pray Druksel to receive his BIG BROWN BEAR from his beautiful and lovable aunty. I know he will receive.
    Hi ma'am Tshering, I have nominated your blog for the award, you can visit my blog for more. After long time back, hope all is going well with sound in health. Regards from me. Do Great. Take Care. :)

  2. Yes Ugyen there is always a reason behind sweet You for the nomination and visiting my blog. Take care and stay healthy..:)