Saturday, November 14, 2015

Love At First Sight

The street seemed completely unfamiliar decorated beautifully with bright glittering lights. Though the street seems to be beautified for a festive celebration, I could not spot a single person .The atmosphere felt unusually chilly and I could clearly see my breath gushing out from my freezing mouth and icy nostrils. When I started walking, I realized that I have never been in this place before. The road seems wider, the streets are packed with numerous restaurants and the buildings were amazingly tall. The illumination and the decorative lights are extravagantly gorgeous.

As I reached my hands to the side pockets rummaging for my mobile, I noticed that I was dressed up strangely. I found myself covered in a quilted coat that goes down to my thigh which I don’t remember even dreaming to buy. In the midst of confusion I happen to pass by a mirrored glass and was stunned by my own reflection. The girl that was actually my reflection is a total stranger to me. She was someone I have never met before, a beautiful lady with an adorable looks. My lips automatically curved into a smile when I saw her and then she gave back an angelic smile leading to the peak of confusion.

As I stood there completely puzzled and lost in the bizarreness of ongoing alien situation, I finally discovered someone coming my way. I saw him approaching closer shortening the distance and eliminating the vagueness between us. My eyes widened and I doubt if I blinked also as the person approaching was so charming. Starting with his stylish zip-up coat,  his hair style, his eyes, his height, the way he walks, everything was so gentle manly and simply perfect. I could not feel the ground anymore, my gaze was completely fixed on him and before I could take a step, he was right in front of me.

He looked at me carefully and smiled, (“Oh my god! How can a guy be smiling so beautifully?”) and then he held my hands and said something.  I was so perplexed at the moment that I could not hear a single word of what he said.  I wanted him to repeat what he said and as I opened my mouth to ask him for repetition, all I did was hiccup and hiccup and then hiccup. I tried my best but all in vain, no matter what I do, this hiccup won’t stop. Suddenly there were variety of loud sounds, some were singing, some were clapping and some were ringing the door bells.

My eyes felt so heavy and as I tried to focus again, all I saw was a room pitched dark. I was on my bed awakened by the group of boys singing and clapping outside. They were in the middle of celebrating Diwali festival where they go door to door singing and dancing while collecting money.  Things finally seemed clear and I was dreaming all along, a dream so sweet that I would want to dream again. Strange thing is that the scene from my dream seemed so familiar to me.

As I closed my eyes to get back my sleep, I laughed out unconsciously when I realized that the scene was from “Pinnochio : Korean Drama” that I feel asleep watching earlier. In this drama female lead suffers a Pinnochio syndrome (as referred to in that drama) whereby she gets hiccups whenever she lies or does not accept the truth. The thought of imagining myself in the place of lead actress was so absurd and I even felt embarrassed and blushed slightly…hahaha. Even though it was a dream , I think I now understands what love at first sight means and frankly I fell in love at first sight with that stranger across the street…