Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy Anniversary

Time sure flies by quickly and it is already a year since I have joined this organization. 10th September 2013, is a day that blessed me with my current job and place. I really feel lucky to get a job in less than three months after graduation when I have seen many graduates struggling hard with the job hunting process for more than six months. For this, my heartfelt gratitude and deepest appreciation goes to the prestigious engineering college of a country; “College of Science and Technology” and the alumni of the college who were successful in maintaining the status and up keeping the fame of college with high esteem in the professional market.

With the new environment, new people and new responsibility, my journey of job life till date were filled with numerous experiences. Though it has been only a year, I feel I have learned quite a lesson that helped me grow technically as well as personally. I have been engaged with different people with varying personality. From those with good heart, I noticed how beautiful the life is in the company of those good people. From those that are not so good, I have learned that ignorance is bliss and I am good away from their company.

I have been confronted with situations that demanded my patience, proper judgments, careful observation and quite often negligence. Some of my judgments led me to a proper decision while some left me with regrets and repentant. Most importantly I learned that one should not jump to a conclusion over an instantaneous judgments, be it a situation or a person.

Distance makes heart grow fonder and I give my full support on this statement. Being away from family, I always longed for togetherness filled with happy moments. But being away from family also made me realize their importance and my love and care towards them grew even stronger. Though away by distance yet I have always kept them close in my heart. Family stands on the top of list when it comes to priority chart in my life. Any help and selflessness from my side will never be enough to pay back for their support and presence in my life.

I have observed happy and warm welcomes but I also witnessed sad farewells. As it is clear that we live to die and so we do meet to depart. I have realized the impermanence and changes that are inevitable in life. What we have got is the present moment and it is in our hand whether to waste it over negative thoughts or cherish it creating sweet memories with positive attitude.

My one year experience in the job was filled with mixture of feelings. There was happiness and laughter, satisfaction and fun yet sadness and tears, fears and discomfort. All in all it was a package of emotions. So I wish myself and my fellow batch mates a happy 1st job anniversary and I hope the following days will bring much more happiness and challenges that will root in us a strong foundation to bear with much bigger challenges we are bound to face in life once we move away from present location. There is so much to be learned henceforth.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Music-My Favourite Companion

If I go by the dictionary meaning; “Music is an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotion in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony and color”. But for me, music is the closest companion that never leaves my side. I tend to cling on to the music and associate with it every situation trending in my life.

When I’m happy and high spirited with the satisfaction of accomplishment and achievement, a strong and intense music takes my happiness to the next level. When I’m gloomy and void of energy rendered lost and entangled amidst confusion, an inspirational music tends to boost my energy and direct me towards my goal. When I’m feeling low and all broken unable to get myself a proper stand, a motivational music shows me the brighter side of life and a reason to come out even stronger than before.

 When I gets stressed out and agitated confronting with anger and frustration, a soothing music helps me cool down and retain the normal myself. When I land up stuffed with the emotions of despair yet unable to burst it out, a melancholy music just sets the mood and I could feel the outburst of tears down my cheeks and finally remain light at heart. When I fall victim of insomnia and remain helplessly waiting for the sleep, a sweet melody always works as a lullaby and gets me proper sleep.

Even the boring basic chores seem to be easy and delightful if taken up in the presence of music. Washing clothes and dishes seem much more fun with the rhythm of music. Cooking food tends to be enjoyable with the taste of music. Cleaning and dusting rooms becomes exciting in the harmony of music.

The best part of music is that it never bores me. I would rather say that music never failed to save me from boredom. It was always at its best to accompany me. It seems to me that I will never get enough of it. The more I listen to music, the more I wish to remain lost in its beautiful creation. 
Music is thus my favourite companion”.