Thursday, December 31, 2015


Finally the last day of the year 2015 arrived without a second’s delay, as punctual as always. So I am here with my last post for 2015(I brag as if I used to post every day… :p). A little review of the year 2015 deemed necessary to be fed in my blog.

Well I welcomed the year 2015 from the same place I am bidding its farewell. In general 2015 was a year when Bhutanese with unity and harmoniously celebrated 60th Birth anniversary of Forth Druk Gyalpo, News of Crown Prince and supported Bhutan National Team paving their way towards the World of  Football. At the other end Bhutan showed support and sincere condolence as 2015 also brought tragedy marked with sorrows and deaths. Many became prey and victimized by the terror attacks and different unavoidable natural phenomenon resulting to destruction in several Countries.

As for me the year 2015 was filled with mixture of emotions. I was happy and blissful with good people by my side but sadness crept in when I found out the actual number of real good ones. Welcoming new and bidding farewell to the old ones also became a part of 2015. Such situation did make me confused and left me perplexed but I realized impermanence. Failure of my dear ones burdened me with the responsibilities and left my shoulder heavy but I was happy to know that they see me as someone to lean on during hardship.

In short 2015 gave me the opportunity to face the reality of life. Made me stronger to face and ignore the cruelty of others as ignorance is bliss. I realized that bad is not an answer to bad but rather if you cannot help them at least do not harm them. That way I am happier and see them pitiful who lacks sense of kindness.  Made me generous to offer my helping hands to others in need as I believe “kindness is the best religion~ Dalai Lama”. Made me wiser to trust the real ones and ignore the fake and masked faces.
Twenty Fifteen gifted me with lots of life lesson and I am looking forward to the blessings of Twenty Sixteen. “THANK YOU AND GOOD BYE 2015”

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Love At First Sight

The street seemed completely unfamiliar decorated beautifully with bright glittering lights. Though the street seems to be beautified for a festive celebration, I could not spot a single person .The atmosphere felt unusually chilly and I could clearly see my breath gushing out from my freezing mouth and icy nostrils. When I started walking, I realized that I have never been in this place before. The road seems wider, the streets are packed with numerous restaurants and the buildings were amazingly tall. The illumination and the decorative lights are extravagantly gorgeous.

As I reached my hands to the side pockets rummaging for my mobile, I noticed that I was dressed up strangely. I found myself covered in a quilted coat that goes down to my thigh which I don’t remember even dreaming to buy. In the midst of confusion I happen to pass by a mirrored glass and was stunned by my own reflection. The girl that was actually my reflection is a total stranger to me. She was someone I have never met before, a beautiful lady with an adorable looks. My lips automatically curved into a smile when I saw her and then she gave back an angelic smile leading to the peak of confusion.

As I stood there completely puzzled and lost in the bizarreness of ongoing alien situation, I finally discovered someone coming my way. I saw him approaching closer shortening the distance and eliminating the vagueness between us. My eyes widened and I doubt if I blinked also as the person approaching was so charming. Starting with his stylish zip-up coat,  his hair style, his eyes, his height, the way he walks, everything was so gentle manly and simply perfect. I could not feel the ground anymore, my gaze was completely fixed on him and before I could take a step, he was right in front of me.

He looked at me carefully and smiled, (“Oh my god! How can a guy be smiling so beautifully?”) and then he held my hands and said something.  I was so perplexed at the moment that I could not hear a single word of what he said.  I wanted him to repeat what he said and as I opened my mouth to ask him for repetition, all I did was hiccup and hiccup and then hiccup. I tried my best but all in vain, no matter what I do, this hiccup won’t stop. Suddenly there were variety of loud sounds, some were singing, some were clapping and some were ringing the door bells.

My eyes felt so heavy and as I tried to focus again, all I saw was a room pitched dark. I was on my bed awakened by the group of boys singing and clapping outside. They were in the middle of celebrating Diwali festival where they go door to door singing and dancing while collecting money.  Things finally seemed clear and I was dreaming all along, a dream so sweet that I would want to dream again. Strange thing is that the scene from my dream seemed so familiar to me.

As I closed my eyes to get back my sleep, I laughed out unconsciously when I realized that the scene was from “Pinnochio : Korean Drama” that I feel asleep watching earlier. In this drama female lead suffers a Pinnochio syndrome (as referred to in that drama) whereby she gets hiccups whenever she lies or does not accept the truth. The thought of imagining myself in the place of lead actress was so absurd and I even felt embarrassed and blushed slightly…hahaha. Even though it was a dream , I think I now understands what love at first sight means and frankly I fell in love at first sight with that stranger across the street…

Friday, May 1, 2015

Peaceful Dreamland.

Cuddled up under the blanket so warm,
I lie fully awake but cold.
In the battling thoughts of right and wrong,
I lost the peace of my dormant mind.

Saturated with betrayal and dismal,
My four chambered heart seemed numerous pieces.
My tired and exhausted eyes yearned,
For a sleep that seemed lost decades ago.

Finally my heart cried and soul wept.
Welled tears came overflowing down my cheeks,
Cleansing the dirt from my eyes,
 And lifting an agony from my heart.

Feeling a little lighter in heart, my mind said;
Close your eyes now for the sleep is waiting.
So my obedient eyes readied to enter the dreamland,
Sometimes it is the place more peaceful than reality.

Friday, March 27, 2015

“Lips Stick Instead of Lip balm.”

The most commonly loathsome situation during winter season is to deal with dry and chapped lips. Being a sleep lover, I often get late to catch up with bus to my office. So putting on a perfect make up taking care of every details of my face is out of question. It does not affect much in summer because the moisture content in the air itself takes care of the dryness in the face and lips. The complication arises during winter when the cold takes away all the moisture from the skin resulting it to get dried and chapped.

It was during one of those cold winter days when I hated to wake up in the morning. The clock was already striking 8:20 am when I opened my eyes. Bus arrives at 8:30 am and all I got to get ready is only 10 minutes. So, I rushed out of my bed and did the washing thing, changed my clothes but skipped my breakfast and stepped out of my house at 8:35 am and noticed that the bus already past my house. Pheww , that was quick I did pat myself for the fastness but sadly the bus left and my stomach growled. “Don’t worry dear there is always momo aunty for you, let’s just figure out about the way to office just now, said I. Yes “Momo Aunty”, a simple and shy woman with soft speech who comes around our office selling momo. Thanks to her we need not worry about our breakfast.

I called up one of my friends who is in shift and asked for the help. Thankfully he was on the way and did not past my house. So I waited for the vehicle and suddenly I noticed that I forgot to apply lip balm and my lips are dry and uncomfortable. So I rummaged through pockets of my bag to find lip balm but in vain. In the mean time vehicle arrived so I had to get in and I could not go back home to get a lip balm. There are some shops along the way to our office and was about to ask them to stop for awhile when suddenly the vehicle stopped and my friend said he need to go get a voucher. I asked him to get me a lip balm too.After few minutes my friend came out of the shop. I noticed he got a lip balm in his hand but he was blushing and smiling mysteriously. 

He handed me the lip balm and said “Here is your lip balm and don’t ever forget next time ok”. I thanked him but was confused why he said like that and asked why. “ Awooo your lip balm got me embarrassed. I asked the shopkeeper if I can get a lipstick and she was really surprised and asked me the type of color I want, laughing. Then only I realized it was lip balm.” What you asked for a lip stick? I laughed uncontrollably.Even after reaching office I found myself smiling recollecting the whole incident.  Even though I was late, skipped breakfast and bus left me yet I found laughter to start my day.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Here You Come

Here you come with the touch of warmth driving away the pain of freezing cold.

Here you come with the scent so sweet cleansing the air with natural fragrance.

Here you come with the colorful life decorating the nature with beautiful blossoms.

Here you come with air so fresh flourishing the nature with refreshing breath.

Here you come again my sweet SPRING bringing with you the goodness of nature.

I welcome you with widest hug and biggest smile hoping for as sweet memories as you are.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

“Ice-cream Tonight”

“Sis, I heard result is out, can you look into mine, I will message you my index number” came panting voice filled with anxiety and impatience. “Just now I am having lunch, I will go check right after lunch”  said I and ended the call. Anxiety and curiosity filled my stomach so full that taking another bite is just out of question. So I did my dishes and hurried to office. The way to office never felt so long. With each step my heart beat increased and curiosity raised its bar.

After what it felt like hours (which was actually 10 minutes), I was in front of my desktop. I opened Bhutan news and there the names of toppers were announced corresponding to the scored percentage. I could not find the site where the results were displayed. I asked my friend and came to know that the site is currently not loaded and it will be coming out shortly. So I was compelled to wait again ( worst thing I ever have to do).

My waiting was finally over when my friend messaged me with a link. Following the link I came to a page where I have to punch in the index number. After having punched what felt like never ending 12 digits index number, I waited for the page to display the result. I remained still with my pupils fixed straight on the displayed page. What should I do next, should I call her or not, should I say my net isn’t working or should I just say that the result is not out yet, those were the questions jumping in and out of my head while my eyes still scanning the marks from top to bottom.

While I remained battling with my thoughts, my phone rang and the incoming call displayed my sister’s name. Since I could not talk at that moment, I pressed the red button and started to message her marks with shivering cold fingers. About ten minutes after sending the message, I decided to call her. “Hello” came a low spirited voice filled with anguish and sadness. My heart sank, lips dried and throat tightened, I thought I won’t be able to speak a word. The loathsome part of being an elder sister is when one has to comfort and shower your warm words to the little one’s when actually you yourself are the one in need of it. So there I went with my words, “Ong Yangchen, did you get my message”. “Yes I got it “came back the plain reply. “ I am glad that you have managed to get PCA this time, so congratulations dear” I blurted out.

“My English mark is very low, I won’t be able to get admission in any of the college” came the crying voice. “ Oh that is not the problem dear and more over you only need a pass mark in English( that was a lie because many college demanded a minimum of 50 marks in English), I am sure there are many college that will welcome you. Don’t worry; you will be able to enjoy your study in a very good college. Stop thinking about your marks and prepare yourself for your college life. Common dear you are going to be attending a college and I assure you that you will have a very good college life. So just be happy and eat well. Keep healthy and take care of yourself tubga dear” was everything I could say to comfort

“Yaya Azhim…byee” she said with the biggest sigh ever. “ok bye, catch you later” I said and ended the call. The next moment I found myself going through the Criteria for admission into Tertiary Education Programmes for the Academic Year 2015. Scanning through the criteria for each college, I decided I have to eat ice-cream tonight.

Friday, January 30, 2015

I want a Bear

loud ringtone of my phone disturbed my sleep but was happy to see the name displayed on the incoming call. “I love You” said my dear Druksel over the phone. The words as sweet as the voice of the speaker himself made my heart beat the rhythm of a joy. “Love you too dear” was my immediate reply with an intensity filled with love and affection. “What are you doing… asked my darling. “Ummm…since its Sunday, I am still in my bed dear”, said I. “ok ….when are you going to get up and go for shopping”, he asked. “After lunch dear” I said confused why he would ask about my shopping.

“What you up to?” I asked him. Just back from Sonam’s place came back the reply. “Oh ok ….What have you been doing at your friend’s place this early” I asked without realizing that it was already past 11:00 am. “We were playing” said he. With the phone in a loud speaker mode, I woke up still hearing to what he has to say. He went on explaining about the game that they played and how he won over his friend. I congratulated on his victory and said I am proud of you. “Well dear, I need to wash up now, will catch u later” I said. Ok he said. I was about to end the call when suddenly I heard him speak something loudly. Unclear about what he said, I asked him to repeat the last sentence.

After few second’s pause, he said “I want a bear”. Still not believing my ears I asked again and I found my ears heard it right, he wants a bear. Wait a minute; he wants what…a BEAR…I said to myself. Then I said “Dear I know I stay at a place surrounded by jungle but there is no zoo out here and more over I am so scared of that beast, I cannot bring you a bear”. “I want a bear… I want a bear…Sonam has a bear….his daddy brought him…I want a bear….he has a brown bear…very big …I want a brown bear….” were innocent cries from my little Nephew. I scratch my head trying to grab a meaning of what he was saying. Sonam has a big brown bear so Druksel wants a bear…a big brown bear….oh a “TEDDY BEAR” I said and laughed out at my stupidity. “No Aunty, I want a BIG BROWN BEAR” said my sweet heart.

“Ok ok dear, Aunty will come with a BIG BROWN BEAR for you tubga. If you want a bear you have to be a good boy and listen to your mommy ok” I said. “Ok aunty I will be a good boy, I will listen to mommy and eat properly. I won’t make my clothes dirty. I won’t go and play in water. I will be good. When are you coming here?” said Druksel all excited. “I will ask your mom whether you are behaving well or not ok. I will be there next week” I said. “ok aunty.. it is time for you to go for shopping right…byee ” he said. “Ok byee dear be a good boy” I said and ended a call.

He wanted a bear so he was curious about my shopping thing, I said to myself clearing my confusion from earlier.