Friday, March 27, 2015

“Lips Stick Instead of Lip balm.”

The most commonly loathsome situation during winter season is to deal with dry and chapped lips. Being a sleep lover, I often get late to catch up with bus to my office. So putting on a perfect make up taking care of every details of my face is out of question. It does not affect much in summer because the moisture content in the air itself takes care of the dryness in the face and lips. The complication arises during winter when the cold takes away all the moisture from the skin resulting it to get dried and chapped.

It was during one of those cold winter days when I hated to wake up in the morning. The clock was already striking 8:20 am when I opened my eyes. Bus arrives at 8:30 am and all I got to get ready is only 10 minutes. So, I rushed out of my bed and did the washing thing, changed my clothes but skipped my breakfast and stepped out of my house at 8:35 am and noticed that the bus already past my house. Pheww , that was quick I did pat myself for the fastness but sadly the bus left and my stomach growled. “Don’t worry dear there is always momo aunty for you, let’s just figure out about the way to office just now, said I. Yes “Momo Aunty”, a simple and shy woman with soft speech who comes around our office selling momo. Thanks to her we need not worry about our breakfast.

I called up one of my friends who is in shift and asked for the help. Thankfully he was on the way and did not past my house. So I waited for the vehicle and suddenly I noticed that I forgot to apply lip balm and my lips are dry and uncomfortable. So I rummaged through pockets of my bag to find lip balm but in vain. In the mean time vehicle arrived so I had to get in and I could not go back home to get a lip balm. There are some shops along the way to our office and was about to ask them to stop for awhile when suddenly the vehicle stopped and my friend said he need to go get a voucher. I asked him to get me a lip balm too.After few minutes my friend came out of the shop. I noticed he got a lip balm in his hand but he was blushing and smiling mysteriously. 

He handed me the lip balm and said “Here is your lip balm and don’t ever forget next time ok”. I thanked him but was confused why he said like that and asked why. “ Awooo your lip balm got me embarrassed. I asked the shopkeeper if I can get a lipstick and she was really surprised and asked me the type of color I want, laughing. Then only I realized it was lip balm.” What you asked for a lip stick? I laughed uncontrollably.Even after reaching office I found myself smiling recollecting the whole incident.  Even though I was late, skipped breakfast and bus left me yet I found laughter to start my day.


  1. Down the line, I can see myself in your shoes Ashim... love sleeping, waking up late, skipping breakfast..yeah..I am also too lazy to deal with make-up stuffs. But I will make sure to carry lipstick or lip balm to safe embarrassing friend *wink*
    Really enjoyed going through your post. Keep writing and take care.

  2. Haha Thank you dear for taking time to go through the post..:)