Tuesday, February 3, 2015

“Ice-cream Tonight”

“Sis, I heard result is out, can you look into mine, I will message you my index number” came panting voice filled with anxiety and impatience. “Just now I am having lunch, I will go check right after lunch”  said I and ended the call. Anxiety and curiosity filled my stomach so full that taking another bite is just out of question. So I did my dishes and hurried to office. The way to office never felt so long. With each step my heart beat increased and curiosity raised its bar.

After what it felt like hours (which was actually 10 minutes), I was in front of my desktop. I opened Bhutan news and there the names of toppers were announced corresponding to the scored percentage. I could not find the site where the results were displayed. I asked my friend and came to know that the site is currently not loaded and it will be coming out shortly. So I was compelled to wait again ( worst thing I ever have to do).

My waiting was finally over when my friend messaged me with a link. Following the link I came to a page where I have to punch in the index number. After having punched what felt like never ending 12 digits index number, I waited for the page to display the result. I remained still with my pupils fixed straight on the displayed page. What should I do next, should I call her or not, should I say my net isn’t working or should I just say that the result is not out yet, those were the questions jumping in and out of my head while my eyes still scanning the marks from top to bottom.

While I remained battling with my thoughts, my phone rang and the incoming call displayed my sister’s name. Since I could not talk at that moment, I pressed the red button and started to message her marks with shivering cold fingers. About ten minutes after sending the message, I decided to call her. “Hello” came a low spirited voice filled with anguish and sadness. My heart sank, lips dried and throat tightened, I thought I won’t be able to speak a word. The loathsome part of being an elder sister is when one has to comfort and shower your warm words to the little one’s when actually you yourself are the one in need of it. So there I went with my words, “Ong Yangchen, did you get my message”. “Yes I got it “came back the plain reply. “ I am glad that you have managed to get PCA this time, so congratulations dear” I blurted out.

“My English mark is very low, I won’t be able to get admission in any of the college” came the crying voice. “ Oh that is not the problem dear and more over you only need a pass mark in English( that was a lie because many college demanded a minimum of 50 marks in English), I am sure there are many college that will welcome you. Don’t worry; you will be able to enjoy your study in a very good college. Stop thinking about your marks and prepare yourself for your college life. Common dear you are going to be attending a college and I assure you that you will have a very good college life. So just be happy and eat well. Keep healthy and take care of yourself tubga dear” was everything I could say to comfort

“Yaya Azhim…byee” she said with the biggest sigh ever. “ok bye, catch you later” I said and ended the call. The next moment I found myself going through the Criteria for admission into Tertiary Education Programmes for the Academic Year 2015. Scanning through the criteria for each college, I decided I have to eat ice-cream tonight.


  1. He he...sometimes our heart break on this earth, when someone especially our dear beloved brother or sister's unsuitable situation is all we have to bear. I am glad that the way you encouraged your sister and that's great because blaming at this time will be extremely useless.Hope all is going well with sound in health. Do Great. Regards from me. Take Care. :)

  2. Thank you Ugyen for those wonderful words and much appreciation for visiting my post. I am doing good. You too take care and stay healthy..:)