Thursday, December 31, 2015


Finally the last day of the year 2015 arrived without a second’s delay, as punctual as always. So I am here with my last post for 2015(I brag as if I used to post every day… :p). A little review of the year 2015 deemed necessary to be fed in my blog.

Well I welcomed the year 2015 from the same place I am bidding its farewell. In general 2015 was a year when Bhutanese with unity and harmoniously celebrated 60th Birth anniversary of Forth Druk Gyalpo, News of Crown Prince and supported Bhutan National Team paving their way towards the World of  Football. At the other end Bhutan showed support and sincere condolence as 2015 also brought tragedy marked with sorrows and deaths. Many became prey and victimized by the terror attacks and different unavoidable natural phenomenon resulting to destruction in several Countries.

As for me the year 2015 was filled with mixture of emotions. I was happy and blissful with good people by my side but sadness crept in when I found out the actual number of real good ones. Welcoming new and bidding farewell to the old ones also became a part of 2015. Such situation did make me confused and left me perplexed but I realized impermanence. Failure of my dear ones burdened me with the responsibilities and left my shoulder heavy but I was happy to know that they see me as someone to lean on during hardship.

In short 2015 gave me the opportunity to face the reality of life. Made me stronger to face and ignore the cruelty of others as ignorance is bliss. I realized that bad is not an answer to bad but rather if you cannot help them at least do not harm them. That way I am happier and see them pitiful who lacks sense of kindness.  Made me generous to offer my helping hands to others in need as I believe “kindness is the best religion~ Dalai Lama”. Made me wiser to trust the real ones and ignore the fake and masked faces.
Twenty Fifteen gifted me with lots of life lesson and I am looking forward to the blessings of Twenty Sixteen. “THANK YOU AND GOOD BYE 2015”