Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Silent Whisper"

As curious as it has always been,
My heart saturated with anguish of fears,
My eyes welling up for the cascade of tears,
There I stand searching for a reason to be seen.

As coward as ever,
Though eyes sees new rays of hope
Yet mind reflecting on old wears and tears
Stagnant lies my foot afraid to lope.

Confused and moped here I stand,
With a soul in search of new destiny,
But a mind battling for its command,
So I ask for an answer of certainty.

Is it time I let go of my fears?
Is it time I welcome a change?
Is it time I resort to new direction?
Is it time to open that closed heart?

The question still remains “Is it Time?”


  1. Beautiful Ashim...keep writing :D Take care

  2. Thank you dear...hope you are doing good and your papers went well..
    Take care and enjoy your vacation...:)

  3. Aesthetic poem la ma'am with rhymes and Yeah, it's time you let that "Silent Whisper" indeed from WITHIN, speak with confidence. Presuming all is going well with you, your dear beloved parents and friends with sound in health. Regards from me. Do Great. Happy Cold Bold December. Take Care. :)

  4. Thank you Ugyen for your encouraging words. Yes all is well here and I hope the same at your end. Wishing December blesses you with its bliss of chill...:)