Friday, October 10, 2014

Nameless But Not Tasteless.

The surrounding environment is being polluted with the sound of coughing and sneezing, not to forget the equal contribution of virus through it. Cough and cold has become viral just like a fashion trend with increasing no of people catching up with it every day. In such case, I too wasn’t any exception, so landed up being one of the victims. My days felt so tiring and night seems endless darkness where I lay blaming my immune system for every cough and sneeze.

It was on Wednesday when we were declared holiday as there was a blessing at Trongsa Dzong. Due to my sheer bad luck I could not go to receive the blessing. So I remained curled up on sofa with my drowsy eyeballs fixed on the TV. I happened to watch a program on a food channel, “Zee Khana Khazana”. In that program, a chef was explaining the recipe of a dish. I keenly with all my attention observed the ingredients and cooking process of that dish. The ingredients were locally available and I noticed that I have got all the needed ingredients in my kitchen. The process seems simple, easy and pretty fast.

If I am to stay idle without any work then undoubtedly I am going to fall asleep. I clearly remembered my mother saying that sleeping during day time when suffering from cough and cold will do nothing better but to worsen it. So I thought instead of sleeping, I will give a try for the dish I have watched a moment ago. So turning off the TV, I placed my steps towards kitchen. I recollected the recipe and found that I could easily remember the process so I ventured into cooking this new dish.

After about forty five minutes the dish was ready and so I asked my Grandpa to taste it. I was really nervous about the comments that my grandpa would throw about the dish. Biting my nails out of nervousness I remained silently waiting for a nice comment from him. Fortunately my grandpa was happy with the dish and ate it all very well saying that “You must have watched the process very attentively otherwise it would not have turned out this well. By the way what is the name of this particular dish”. “Ya…I forgot the name of the dish…haha” was all I could say sticking out my tongue.

What I have learned was that; "idealism leads to experimentation" and my experiment on the nameless dish turned out to be a success and though the dish was nameless, it was not tasteless...:)


  1. True that shower is always followed by flower, and every gloomy situation forces you to do something interesting and enjoyable. It was your cough and sneeze those directed you to "Idealism To Experiment" or else you might not have learned to prepare that "Nameless But Not Tasteless" dish. Thanks to your cough and life is always clothed in bittersweet situations. Cherish ups and learn from downs. I would love to taste that nameless dish sa. Assuming that you have recovered from cough. Keep sharing. Hope everything is going well everyday. Take Care. :)

    1. Thank you Ugyen for once again visiting my blog and leaving such beautiful and encouraging comment. hope you are doing good. Stay well and keep healthy..:)