Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lunch Time Chit-Chats

Sometimes life turns out to be really funny. It was during one of our normal lunch break when three of us; Sangay, Aue kesang and me were chit chatting while snacking on some junk foods. While chatting, I happened to log into my facebook account and there I saw that one of my friend has uploaded the photo of that captivating, awesome looking and salivating chocolate cake. I just felt like taking out that cake tearing the screen of the computer. Realizing that such feeling is totally an absurd, I controlled my cravings but then my mischievous inner self wanted to enjoy some scene. So knowing that Aue kesang loves chocolate cake more than I do, I intentionally showed her that photo. After that there is nothing more interesting than to watch her expression. Her chinky eyes rounding into a wide circle, her mouth opening up naturally as if to bite the screen, her hand was very quick in handling the mouse to zoom the photo. I could clearly and with much vividness feel her craving for the chocolate cake and why won’t it be as it was lunch time when her stomach was already growling and on top of that I showed a photo that took her lust for the cake to the next level. Sangay and I laughed our heart out gazing at her expression. After sometime Aue kesang came into reality from her world of fantasy which was build with the imaginary chocolate cakes. “I miss my college days when I used to have hearty chicken rolls from KFC at Bangkok” expressed Sangay. “Haha …now it’s your turn huh” was the line from my mouth flowing out not realizing that I myself so wanted to eat a Pizza. So I said,” well I want to have a pizza more than anything else”. Both of them gave a huge laugh and said we shall just stop building the castle in air and enjoy the “wai wai” an instant noodles, guava, and a tea that we have in front of us. Lost in our chit chats and laughs we didn't realize that our lunch breaks has been already over. So we wrapped up our eating and when I was about to leave for my office Aue kesang said, “ Isn't that funny and paused”. So I stopped my step to listen to what she has to continue. After some seconds she resumed saying “it is indeed funny how the life can play tricks with the situation, when I was at Paro after graduation, there were cakes available abundantly in different bakery shop but I could not eat as I was out of money during those days. But now I have money to satisfy my demand but again the situation here is that there are no bakery shops selling cakes.” To that I nodded and said “ Imbay mo.. Aue ( yes.. indeed a truth.. sis) but we should understand that some things are never meant for us and the situation remains the same although the time and place changes” with that I resumed the steps towards my office.


  1. I will also nod and say, imbay imbay .. Aue lol.. three of you had fun time with a real belly laugh and you know I also cannot stop myself from giggling;) Keep sharing ma'am la. Hope everything is going well everyday. Take Care. :)

  2. haha...Thank you Ugyen. Yes i am doing good and hope you are doing well too. Take care and keep healthy..:)