Thursday, August 21, 2014

Individual Preferences

“It is going to rain for the whole day again” announced my Grandpa while taking off his slippers and entering the house returning from his morning walk. He then motioned himself towards the Choesham (altar room) to chant his morning prayers. Meanwhile I got busy with morning chores. When I was ready with the breakfast, Grandpa already finished his prayers and was seated on sofa watching TV. We had fried rice and a tea for breakfast and after that I went into my room for office get up. “Awooo …I don’t feel like going to office in this rain and it has been more than a week raining continuously.” I complained while coming out of my room. I unplugged my phone from the charger, grabbed my bag and merged towards the door. “Don’t forget the umbrella” Grandpa reminded me and I had to reverse my steps back to get an umbrella.

I was on the road sheltered under my dull umbrella with not so happy face waiting for the bus. It took unusually longer time for the bus to arrive which only intensified my unwillingness to go for work. The weather was actually a perfect one to remain curdled up on the sofa by a warm blanket with a cup of hot coffee and a nice movie to treat my eyes. I was lost in an imaginary world wherein I pictured myself into the phantomized scene of my desire before the sight of two little girls brought me back to reality. Those two girls were the regular students studying at Langthel lower secondary school and I presumed they were sisters. My presumption was proven correct when seemingly a year younger called another one by the name “Anna” and I found the corner of my lips curving into a smile.

What caught my attention was not the way two of them called each other rather it was the way they got themselves so wet. I know it is raining but from my point of view the rain isn't that kind of down pour to get heavily soaked even if you are missing your umbrella. To my bewilderment I noticed both of them had their pretty umbrellas firmly placed in the side pockets of their school bags. Suddenly the younger sister went near the side drain that was running partially full with rainwater and started throwing the water over her sister. The elder sister returned the favor with the equal throw of water. I was overwhelmed and equally amazed by the way they enjoyed that water fight making all those splashing sounds of water corresponding to the rhythm in which they hit the water.

So it is clear that they got themselves drained this wet through their playful act regardless of the intensity of the rain. I found myself enjoying the sight of their water fight but sadly our bus arrived and so I had no option but to leave that sight and get into the bus. In the bus by the window side as usual, my mind was still filled with those two sisters and their love for rain. It is indeed a matter of individual preferences; where I hated even to get out in that rain, those little sisters enjoyed playing in the very same rainy weather. So we cannot blame anyone for not making up to our expectation or having differences because the way things are perceived and preferred differs individually.


  1. Beautifully and vividly expressed. Ashim, just loved going through every post. Keep writing.