Friday, August 8, 2014

A Good Listener

A little bit of kind gesture is all it takes to help someone get through with the ongoing unkind situations. A sweet act of lending our ears proves to be rather compassionate for, someone who is shattered by the cruel reality and bitter truth; someone whose heart has been broken down to a countless pieces; someone trying hard to get back their senses together after going insane by the boundless sorrows; someone who is stepping forward from the momentary halt the life has bestowed upon them; someone finally showing up to move towards the right path having lost in the jigsaw puzzles of a life.

Taking time and patiently listening to what a shattered heart has to say, may not necessarily change the reality or reverse the truth but it will shed the burden and make them lighter at heart. By listening to the words of broken pieces of a heart, we may not be able to mend those ruptured pieces together but it will give them morale boost to withstand further breakage. Listening sensibly to someone going insane with the sorrows may not diminish their sorrows but help them get the grip of life. Listening to someone stuck on a halt of a life will let them feel less lonely and find in you a companion to walk the journey of life. Listening to puzzled heart helps untangle the confusions and let them find the right track.

No one has the future forecasted before hand and so are the uncertainties vivid and adamant with its stand. Don’t be miser in offering your attention to someone who is really in need. Don’t ignore them when they approach you because you don’t have any idea how much courage they had to sum up just to think of  your help. Dedicating some time to hear them out will not post a threat to the duration of your living. No one knows what the future holds and who knows you may be the very next person to seek the attention and yearn for a listener. So be kind enough to listen to someone wholeheartedly. Be a good listener for you never know how much you could help someone by just being a keen listener while standing beside him/her.


  1. True. Be a Good Listener and it is also one of the Dale Carnegie's Six Awesome Rules to make people like you. Listening is the doorway to our own thoughts because listening to others will teach us to listen to the voice that speaks from within, and that's is the ultimate thing we yearn for. Encouraging post ma'am. Hope everything is going well everyday. Do Great. Take Care. :)

  2. Thank you Ugyen for visiting my post and leaving the comment. Listening is important but the most important thing is listening to understand rather than simply listening to reply. many people tend to listen just to reply but sometimes it is good to just listen what other person has to say without any replies to define your stand. I am doing good and I hope you and Your studies are going on well. Do take care and stay healthy..:)