Sunday, April 13, 2014


Beautiful flowers stealing everyone’s attention
Newly blossomed bud adding freshness to air
Comes the Spring starting the year with determination
Nourishing with energy to fulfill what we aspire.

Green and Juicy defines this season
Summer, the richest part of the year
Brings with it the energy of reason
To live and let others live with fare.

Autumn comes with maturity
The season of harvest and fall
As we see the loss of leaves with certainty
We do earn the ripeness of fruits in full.

The air filled with calmness and simplicity
Sky decorated with natural architect of all
Filled with chillness and mildness in vicinity
Winter, a season gifted with beauty of snowfall.


  1. i enjoyed glancing thru the nice little items...keep writing!

    1. Thank you sir for your time going through my writing