Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cookies in place of Cake

“I feel like eating cake” said Dema, five minutes after a plate full of delicious lunch. “Lets us try baking the cake tonight then” was my immediate response. So was the plan for the night set still amazed at the thought of cake after having stuffed ourselves with lunch.
We went shopping for the necessary ingredients required for a perfect cake. I felt something missing when we got back from the shop. I checked the items and found that we forgot the most important ingredient, “Milk”. “God how could I forget that” was what I grumbled to myself. As there is always another option, an idea clicked in my head. So I boiled water with very good amount of milk powder and there was my milk for the cake (giggling…J).
Finally we were successful in making a batter ready to be baked. After placing the batter in oven, we went to watch TV. Both of us became so involved and carried away by the suspense and thriller going on in our favourite TV show “Ek Hassena Thi” that the cake went completely out of our mind.
After a while cake made its own way to my preoccupied mind when I sensed buttery smell coming all the way from the kitchen. To my dismay I found that I forgot to lower down the temperature of the oven and our cake has been over baked. When we sat down to taste that over baked cake, I noticed we needed a coffee to help chew the so called cake. That piece was too crispy to be called a cake so we discovered we actually baked a cookie instead of cake….

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