Friday, February 28, 2014

Good Spouse for Better Parents

Vehicle was put to halt when the traffic was stopped as the workers were busy with blacktopping of the road. When I stared out of the window into another car which was also waiting for the traffic release, an adorable laughter of baby boy on his mother’s lap in the front seat and playing with his father who was sitting on driver’s seat caught my attention. At that point of time my eyes staring at that child I was lost in thoughts of relationships.
It is very interesting to note how the status of one relationship imparts changes to another relation. A spouse and parents, two different relationships but indeed very important roles one is bound to take up at one or other point of life time. When one decides to take a role of a spouse, one should be aware of his upcoming role as a parent.
It is important for a person to realize that if one cannot be a good spouse then the title of a better parent is lost naturally. A child will never give his father a title of best dad even if the father fulfills all the desires of his child but fails to keep the mother of that child happy. As such a mother does not deserve a title of better mom though she understands and cares even the basic needs of her child but fails to shower her husband with love and affection he deserves.
There should be proper balance for both the relationships to survive. Only love from parents is not sufficient for the better upbringing of a child. The child should have an environment where he gets to receive love as well as see love between his parents. Unhealthy environment will ultimately lead the child to a conclusion that a son would never want a wife like the one his father has or a daughter would not want her prince charming to be like her mother’s husband. If the unhappy status of the relationship between parents persists then there is a chance that the child’s perception about marriage will never be positive and would land up being scared to take in such relationship in their future.
Suddenly the loud sound of engine brought me back from my thoughts. The block was released and the car beside my vehicle was already leaving. So I waved a bye bye to that baby who was at that time looking towards my side (still smiling) and I concluded that “you need to protect the status of good spouse in order to earn a title of better parents.”

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  1. A good beginning and can already see there is a writer in you Maam. Continue it plz.