Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Fighter Within You

Nothing is more torturous than living a life marked with failure when success is all that surrounds the people around you. Nothing can become more cumbersome than lifting a head weighted heavily with guilt. Nothing can be more tormenting than seeing the dying hopes and expectations of your parents. It is during this point of time when life seems to be awfully unfair and luck a complete betrayal. Sometimes it becomes unbearably difficult to get the grip of happenings in our life.

I know how hard it is for you to cope up with your current situation. The suffocation you feel with each passing day is out of control. I can see how shattered and blown up your lighted spirit is. I understand how lonely you may feel amid the noisy crowd surrounding you. Your sleepless night and lifeless days needs no explanation for I get it all.

I feel sorry for you to have to go through such phase of life. The tidal waves of anguish are so vivid in the ocean of your eyes. I am so helpless but to offer nothing more than following lines:

Dear, I know you have been through a lot lately. Everything that is happening does not mean an end of your story; it is just a cruelest chapter in the book of your life. So close that chapter and open a fresh page to write your happy endings. You should understand that, however long and dark may be the night, a beautiful and hopeful dawn always shows up to mark the start of a day. Nothing in life is permanent so don’t worry there is going to be an end to this misery of yours too.

I am aware there is a fighter buried deep down within your soul. So it is time to awaken that fighter of yours and battle through this unpleasant situation. Come out stronger than before and show that such trivial failure cannot hold you back from achieving much greater success. Work harder for your dreams and hopes of your parents. Do not give a chance for others to point a finger and mock at you rather let them back down with your will power and determination.

Be the changed guy and a reason for a smile on the face of your beloved ones. Just remember that God gives the toughest battle to his strongest warrior, and I am confident that victory will stand by your side at the end of this battle.


  1. hmmm...i feel that this article is meant for me. lol. nice one dear

    1. haha...thank u dea. It is dedicated to all my friends who are going through hard times..just wanted them to know that failure leads us to better keep fighting